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Happy Two's Day !
on February 22, 2022 from 8:22 p.m. CET we are planning a "Two's Day" live session here on YouTube'
We wish a Happy Two's Day

'in Memories-the Soundtrack for Nikolaikirche' was produced in 2018. It's dedicated to all our lost friends ..
'Ferropolis' was produced in october 2017 for Schroeder's eponymous Audiovision about The City of Steel in Germany
'Benin',another Soundtrack-Project for EFB-Benin was recordet with Dédé Mazietele in early 2017.
Release of 'Water Life', the soundtrack for 'Zauberhafte Wasserwelten', 2016
Recording soundtrack for audiovision 'Kaleidoskop', october 2015
EasterX-Session with Oli Klemm, april 4th 2015
Recording soundtrack for Manfred Schroeders audiovision 'Impressionen in Schwarzweiss'
Live session in Canyon OLW, october 3rd 2014
First Fung-Chen video clip august 2014
Website online since january 2014
First session in september 27th 2013
Fung-Chen was founded in 2013